Our Culture and Core Values

Putting Client Interests First - Eric Sprott, Founder of Sprott Inc., Senior Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management LP, has always fostered a culture of putting the interests of clients first. This unwavering belief combined with our performance-driven approach has led to mutual success for our clients and our firm.

Performance-Driven Culture - High-net-worth investors have countless wealth management options to choose from. Through our affiliates, we offer truly active management and alternative investment strategies that seek to deliver superior returns over the long-term.

Relationships Based on Integrity and Trust - The recent global financial crisis, inflamed by corporate malfeasance, has caused many high-net-worth investors to become distrustful about the financial institutions they deal with. We are not a leveraged financial institution and foster client relationships that are based on integrity.

Giving Back - Like many of our clients, we believe in sharing our wealth with the community. Sprott Inc., our parent company, as well as our affiliates, are strong supporters of a number of worthy causes including a number of charities committed to improving the lives of children.